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 Bloodline Rules

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PostSubject: Bloodline Rules   Wed Jun 24, 2015 12:30 am

Bloodline Rules

Many a clan have become quite famous throughout the world due to their special bloodline limits. Here's the things you need to know

1. A human body can hold up to 5 bloodlines in their body.

2. Bloodlines must be transferred via transplants in order for it to take effect. One done a bloodline role must be done, 1 meaning you have it and 2 you don't, requiring  3000 for a reroll for the bloodline. Doughnuts I are exempt to this and awaken immediately.

3. Transplants must be done via medical ninjutsu. Remember kiddies, we're realistic here so no ripping out a kidney then shoving it in your body while giggling at your cleverness. It's just not going to fly.

4. Blood Transfusions may be used instead of organs, however at least 2 pints is required for it to be effective.

5. You MUST have IC reasoning and knowledge of the bloodline before performing a transplant. If staff feels that not enough reasoning is provided then they have full authority to deny the transplant.
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Bloodline Rules
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