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 Jutsu Rules

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PostSubject: Jutsu Rules   Sun May 17, 2015 10:43 am

Obtaining Jutsu
  ::On this forum you will be able to learn about obtaining jutsu. Each tier has a different requirement, and to obtain that tier you must already be that rank. In order to do so you must first learn a certain amount of jutsu. That amount will be listed down below. Keep in mind in order to rank up from any rank listed below you must first learn a total of 4 jutsu.

E-At least 250 word-count to learn one E-rank jutsu.
D-At least 750 word-count to learn one D-rank jutsu
C-At least 1500 word-count to learn one C-rank jutsu.
B-At least 2000 word-count for one B-rank jutsu.
A-At least 3000 word-count for one A-rank jutsu.
S-At least 4000 word-count for one S-rank jutsu.
SS-At least 5000 word-count for one SS-rank jutsu.

   ::Each rank of jutsu requires you to have a certain amount of Chakra Capacity and have Jutsu Knowledge to use. If you have Chakra capacity and Jutsu Knowledge at C rank you can only use C rank jutsu. For more information on this see the Stat Rules.

   ::Your Chakra Capacity will determine how many jutsu you can use before passing unconscious. The amount of jutsu you can use for each Chakra Capacity rank is as follows:

   ::Chakra Capacity
D Rank - Can use up to 5 D Ranks in a thread before running out.
C Rank - Can use up to 5 C Ranks in a thread before running out.
B Rank - Can use up to 6 B Ranks in a thread before running out.
A Rank - Can use up to 6 A Ranks in a thread before running out.
S Rank - Can use up to 7 S Ranks in a thread before running out.
SS Rank - Can use up to 8 SS Ranks in a thread before running out.

2 D Rank = 1 C Ranks
2 C Rank = 1 B Ranks
2 B Rank = 1 A Ranks
2 A Rank = 1 S Ranks
2 S Rank = 1 SS Ranks

Jutsu Types and Tiers

There are 6 different types of Jutsu: Taijutsu, Medical, Space/Time, Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu and Fuinjutsu. There is no limit to the amount of Jutsu you can learn, giving you. There are 7 different tiers of jutsu for each Jutsu Type: E rank D rank C rank B rank A rank S rank and SS rank. The highest rank of a tier of jutsu you may learn is dependent on it's corresponding sub-stat. For example, someone with B ranked Ninjutsu and Kinjutsu sub-stat and a C ranked Medical and Physical enhancement sub-stat they may learn up to B rank Nin and Kinjutsu and only up to C rank Medical and Taijutsu.

Each rank of jutsu is limited in the power it can possess. The power allowed for each rank of jutsu is determined by its rank. A "B" ranked jutsu may only have "B" ranked power and speed as determined by the stat rules. Only jutsu of A rank and higher are allowed to boost someone's stats. Each are only able to boost up to 4 sub stats. The allowed boosts for these jutsu are as follows:

A-Rank- May only boost up to 4 sub-stats 1 ranking.
S-Rank- May only boost up to 4 sub-stats up to 2 rankings.
SS-Rank- May only boost up to 4 sub-stats up to 3 rankings.

Reminder, the Up to is dependent upon the abilities of the jutsu. If some abilities are way out there, then the power needs to be drawn back a bit.

Bloodline and Doujutsu

There are several different Bloodlines with many different Bloodline Jutsu including different types of Doujutsu such as the Uchiha's Sharingan and the Hyuga clan's Byakugan. You may have at maximum, 5 bloodlines present in your body at a time not including Doujutsu. You may have up to 2 different Doujutsu present in your body at a time as they replace your normal eyes. Bloodlines and Doujutsu follow the same jutsu rules, meaning you can have unlimited Bloodline and Doujutsu techniques and must have the corresponding sub-stat ranking to learn the doujutsu techniques.

Jutsu Creation Rules and Template

You may create and register new jutsu. Any jutsu created must be approved by staff prior to learning and/or using the jutsu. When creating a jutsu it can only be as powerful as rank of the jutsu. A "D" rank jutsu can not be as powerful as an "S" rank. Jutsu that have to be maintained, such as stat amplifiers, will have the chakra cost per post used. The template for creating jutsu can be found below.

 Jutsu Name:
Jutsu Classification:
 Jutsu Rank:
Jutsu Element:
Duration of Jutsu/Cooldown of Jutsu:


Jutsu Effects:

 Character Specific:
 Wordcount to learn:
 Bonus Requirements:
(add if it is meant for a specific character here)

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Jutsu Rules
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