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 Bijuu Rules

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PostSubject: Bijuu Rules   Sat May 16, 2015 11:49 pm

::In order to get a Bijuu you must:

::Create a bijuu application of at least 300 words.

::Keep in mind when applying for a bijuu you must have a back story of how you obtained it.

::Each application will have to be approved by a staff member before obtaining.

::If you are applying for a Bijuu your Role-Play sample you created when signing up has to at least obtain a minimum of 800 word count.

::You can only obtain one Bijuu per player, meaning you cannot create a second account that is a Jinchuriki.

::However, you can unseal a players Bijuu and contain more than one inside of you, yet you must follow the rule for doing that.

::Being a Jinchuriki means you have to be active, if not depending on how long you have been inactive depends on you getting your Bijuu taken away for which someone can steal it for themselves.

Bijuu Perks
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Bijuu Rules
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