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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Sat May 16, 2015 11:17 pm

Welcome to Naruto New Future! Before beginning, please read over these basic rules.

1. We don't like spammers. Please, if your going to make a post make it least sound semi-intelligent.

2. Please be respectful to others. People of all ages can play on this website and may have much thinner skins than others.

3. Keep cursing to a minimum. We can tolerate a few F's and C's, but if it gets too excessive it will be addressed.

4. No sexual content. Again, kids can come onto this site and we really don't need to be responsible for the death of their childhood.

5. If advertising on this forum, please don't do so to the CB and merely post your ad in the advert section.

6. Only one character per account. Please make another account for other characters.

7. Please name your accounts after your character. No "MLGSwaglordJohnson"

8. Please keep bumping topics to a 24-hour period.

9.Goddmodding, or the act of control others character, is strictly forbidden. Attempts to do so not only is taking power out of the other players hand but also stops creativity. This will be dealt with harshly if attempted.

10. Your character must be approved before role playing.

11. Do not utilize the PM feature to mass spam others.

12. If making OOC comments, please make the fact that it is so noticable. Use (), [], or **

13. If leaving a area make sure that all of your topics in said area are exited and finished.

14. Metagaming (using OOC knowledge) is not permitted

15. You cannot be in more than 4 topics at once.

16. Be realistic. Even with incredible strength you aren't blocking a falling building with your pinky finger.

17. Actions must have reasoning behind them. You can't decide to go and slay a villages worth of people "just cause I felt like it"

18. After 48 Hours in a topic, if someone has not replied to the topic you are allowed to skip the person and continue. In terms of fighting one on one, this means that you can claim a hit after 48 hours; If fighting with multiple people the next person in line to post gets to post; In terms of Village Takeover, you automatically win if no one defends the village within 48 Hours. Upon request, a staff member can post on a topic if multiple players are involved, to confirm that 48-hours have passed, thus forcing the next person to post. If you post an away message, you may be exempt from being 48-houred, in your away message you must have a date of return, the 48-hour timer will begin on the date of return at 6am.  If you do not have a date of return, then you may still be skipped.  All staff members will be allowed 72-hours before they can be skipped, due to having to manage the forum while doing their threads.

19. In Character(IC) Ryo, items and weapons cannot be transferred Out Of Character(OOC). OOC Ryo can be transferred OOC; Stats cannot be transferred to someone else without a special Jutsu or Skill.

20. You are allowed to have animals as summons, but you cannot create a character that is an animal.

21. You are not allowed to copy and paste any RP post from this site or another site. An example of this would be copying someone else's post, changing a few words around and claiming rewards for it as if it were your own. There are plenty of other examples but the main point it DO NOT copy and paste.

22. All jutsu used on NNF must be registered and approved by staff.

23.Character suicide is allowed, but we ask that you have a reason for killing your character off. It's not fair to have the staff review everything for a character, only for it to die randomly because you are bored.

24. Copyright applications.
This rule allows players to retain the uniqueness of their creations, thus having jutsu and weapons unique to them, without the worry of another player making the same exact creation but with a different name.
Should an app be reported as a rip off, a link to your creation must be provided with the accusation.
After reviewing both applications, if one has to many similarities to another, the staff will ask for the move to either be remade, or deny it if there is no way to fix it.
Make sure you search before you post, to make sure you are not making something someone else already made.

28. Signature limit. We have a limit on text, and as such there is a limit on what you can put in your signature to keep it from stretching the posts, and causing threads to lag. You may only have 1 GIF image, and at most two pictures in your signature that include the Gif image.

Penalties for breaking these rules will be handed out by staff that will fit the offense.

Void: The post you make no longer counts in the topic it was made in
In-character: Communication between the characters
Out-of-character: Communication between the players
Metagaming: Using out-of-character knowledge that your character would not otherwise know in-character to gain an unfair advantage
Autohit: Unfairly hitting the other player's character without giving them a chance to respond
Godmod: Controlling another person's character or potential players

Staff may select their own punishments based upon the severity of the situation.
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Basic Rules
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